A Message from Founder, Jennifer Santori.

Welcome to HomeBase!

Thank you for taking the time to visit the HomeBase website.  My team and I have taken the first of many steps to bring this well-intended company to life and we are committed to seeing it through!

You might be wondering, Why HomeBase?  Why Now?  The simple answer is... because in today's world - HomeBase is needed

HomeBase is needed because Parenting IS a life-long Career


Parenting abilities are not innate.

A shocking revelation!  Parenting skills and abilities are not innate!  They don't just appear after you give birth.  A life lesson I learned and I'm sharing for the good of others.

After a thriving and successful 14-year career in business, I gave birth to my daughter, Riley, in 2008.  Pictured left, this is the moment when my husband and I arrived home with Riley.  As this shot was being taken,  I remember thinking, "I can't believe they let us take this baby home!  Now what?  How do I do this?  This role seems too important to not come with instructions."

I don't even recognize myself in this picture, the one-month earlier - confident, business manager and career woman, was now literally trapped in a world of parenting uncertainty!  Ill-equipped, sleep-deprived and literally & figuratively weighed down by life, I shifted from a "sure of herself", educated and successful adult to a novice, under trained, overwhelmed mother.  How did this happen?  Well, like most, I was lulled by the false-belief that I'd know how to do it well - as soon as I met my little girl. 


Parenting job fit and job satisfaction can be hard to achieve.

Like so many others I've spoken to along this parenting journey, I read every book I could get my hands on, joined mommy groups, sought parenting classes (which were hard to find and I couldn't afford), and looked for advice from my parents, friends and pediatrician often.  I did a lot of crying, worrying, felt isolated from the world I once thrived in.  Connecting with others, learning the facts around child development and being able to socialize with other parent-friends were avenues toward gaining peace and solace.  

This holiday card picture to the right didn't tell the whole story.  Riley was a healthy, happy 2-year old when her baby brother, Christian, came along.  On the outside, we were a picture perfect family.  On the inside, my husband and I were hanging on by our finger nails.  We were surviving, not thriving, in what others saw as a healthy and blessed time in our lives.  Isolated from family (our nearest relatives were hours away) - we looked to each other and friends to build a village of support and structure in our lives.  It didn't happen overnight.

Being a mom was my number one job for eleven years.  I love my kids immensely but had a hard time enjoying my life at home.  I struggled to find a sense of accomplishment, joy and success in my every day world.  My patience levels, ability to function on little sleep and living in constant change, as the kids grew and developed - were an everyday source of self-loathing.  I watched and helped my working friends manage daycare,  multiple babysitters, and multitask/outsource so many parts of their lives - my head spun- in shear appreciation for all they managed.  But despite their employment - I heard very few job satisfaction stories from their side of the equation too.

Over time, the second life lesson I learned was:  Parenting is a job that can be highly unrewarding.  Being a parent is financially taxing, there is no monetary compensation, no performance review, and it is one performed in isolation 90% of the time.  Job fit and job satisfaction can be hard to achieve. 


Learned life lessons are the foundation for HomeBase.

Fast forward eleven years, I don't claim to be an expert parent, but my journey thus far has taught me valuable life lessons that I'm using to build HomeBase.  Through four strategic pillars:  Family Enrichment, Family Connection, HB Collaborative and the HB On-line HUB - my organization will provide a "home away from home" for all raising children offering support, community, information and convenience resources.  

Whether you are a mother or father at home raising your children or you're walking the work/life balance tight rope - HomeBase will be right around the corner - offering you a reprieve from the struggles, the isolation and the challenges of raising a family.  We will also provide opportunities for connection, fulfillment and take the highs of loving and interacting with your children to new levels.  

Parenting is a role that can be learned and developed.  It is modeled by family members and peers and it requires an immense amount of support for success.   HomeBase will help parents in the Morristown area and beyond elevate their skills and abilities and improve their "parenting" job satisfaction levels.  That's our goal and we're excited to welcome you into our fold.